A Pastoral Tribute

15 Apr

Written for my dad.  Based on Proverbs 31.


Who can find a faithful man? for his character is far above reproach.
The hearts of his household trust in him to lead, protect, and provide.
He will do good and not evil all the days of his life.
He looks for opportunities to serve and provide for his household.
He works willingly and fervently with his hands, doing all with his might.
He will rise when the sun is not yet shining and prepare his heart by meeting with his God.
He considers the weight of his earthly responsibilities and does not take them lightly.
He girds himself with the armor of God and strengthens his arms against the day of battle that awaits him – perhaps the battles of discouragement, lust, worldliness, or laziness.
He seeks for ways to reach out to the community and bless those who come across his path.
He chooses to not be afraid of what the future may hold because he knows that God is in control. He has dedicated his life and the lives of his household to God Almighty.
He may be known as a man of great integrity and wisdom yet he continues to lead a life of humility, keeping his heart with all diligence, and seeking after God fervently.
He is a great warrior willing to fight against all odds. For sure, his reward shall not be fully recompensed until a time to come in eternity.
He opens his mouth with authority yet is kind and gentle to his wife and children.
He is not passive in his beliefs or standards. He diligently washes his wife with the Word and has done his utmost to raise his children in the fear and admonition of God. Because of this, his children can respect and praise him. His wife can safely trust in him.
There have been many men of the past who have done great and noble deeds; but he is one that surpasses them all for he is my Pastor, my Father.
Flattery is deceitful; outward strength is vain; good looks are vanishing; but a man who whole-heartedly fears God shall always be praised. This man will not be forgotten.
Let him see the fruits of his work for it has pleased God and touched the lives of others.

One Response to “A Pastoral Tribute”

  1. david collier wilson April 16, 2013 at 10:14 pm #

    I thought it was really great !! I can see you are proud of your Earthly father which is also a very good thing. It goes without saying you must love him very much. His influence can be easly be seen by the great daughter he raised ! (you)! This makes me think about my family I think you are making your fathers proud of you , both your Earthly one and your heavely one
    I miss all of my family. They all went to heaven. however, I do know that I was loved by them

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