Black, White, or Grey?

25 Feb

God has given us truth as a gift. The question is “what are we going to do with this gift?” Will we abuse it, neglect it, or use it?

Truth is given to us in a variety of forms. We can receive truth through the reading of God’s Word; we can receive it through authorities God has placed in our lives; we can receive it through trials and lessons we’ve learned along the way. In either case, we are given it as a gift from God. It is entrusted into our care.

In whatever form we receive this truth, the fact of the matter remains the same. We are to use it to our benefit and God’s glory. Would you not agree that truth is a good thing? Well, every good and perfect gift comes from God. In His providence, He deemed it best to share with us specific truths and is looking to see how we are going to use them in our lives.

If we have a heart that is right before God, it is easier to choose truth when it comes to the “black and white” areas of life. If there is something that defies God’s word, we call it sin and stay as far away from it as possible – at least that’s what we should do. However, some Christians believe there are “grey” areas. These would be areas where there is no specific Scripture reference saying “Thou Shalt” or “Thou Shalt Not”. I’m not here to prove if there are or are not grey areas but I am here to get us thinking. 🙂

For the sake of this blog post, let’s say that there are “grey” areas in the Christian life. What will we do with the truth we’ve been taught along the way concerning these areas? Do we take for granted the knowledge of being able to make the best, wisest choice when it comes to these areas of conflict but decide to go ahead and disregard the prompting just to please ourselves or appear not so legalistic to those we associate with? Do we pursue after these “grey” areas more than pursuing after the righteous and holy in our lives? What areas sum up our lives as a whole – Black, White, or Grey?

True joy and contentment come from walking in the light that we’ve been shown. An overwhelming sense of God’s pleasure rests on us when we remain faithful and obedient. Freedom rings within our soul and takes flight when we choose to deny the flesh and live in the Spirit. So why is it that our hearts yearn to go off the straight and narrow in pursuit of ‘checking out’ the unknown territory just to see if it’s dangerous or not? Why wouldn’t we want to stay as far away from these grey areas if we’re not sure that they’d be healthy for our relationship with Christ and our fellow brethren? Do these grey areas threaten our love relationship with the Lord? Do they end up being the little foxes that spoil the vine – perhaps taking away our desire to read the Word, or pray, or be kind, or to hold our tongue from hurtful words, or to be less judgmental?

We’re told that he who loses his life will find it. If we can find deeper fullness and meaning in life by following after Christ in ways that separate us from the world, why wouldn’t we really want that? Why wouldn’t that desire overtake our other desires and cause us to live-out a passionate obedient life in Christ? Can we choose to deny ourselves pleasures in this world – even seemingly good pleasures – just to attain more knowledge of the Holy? If this desire comes from a heart that really wants to please Christ, it’s NOT going to be drudgery. It will be a choice of joy because  it comes from our own choosing and we’ll know that the beautiful reward will be a closer more vibrant relationship with the One who created us and gave His life for us.

Think of it this way: If a husband or wife does what is right towards each other, the marriage will have a certain sweetness. However if the spouse acts upon a desire to please the other and do something out of the ordinary just to bless and show their love in a special way, won’t that go a longer way in the marriage? Of course!

Just think of how our desire to stay as close to the good and right way will bless our Lord who loves us more than anyone else ever could. Wouldn’t this desire please Him? Wouldn’t it be a sweet aroma to Him that may just bring a smile to His face? I think so! Wouldn’t that result far exceed any small insignificant satisfaction we may get here on this earth? There will be a lasting satisfaction in eternity for sure!

To be Continued………


One Response to “Black, White, or Grey?”

  1. Shannon February 27, 2013 at 3:57 pm #

    That is so excellent, Sara! Very well written. Wow. You really should submit this to be published. You explained it so well, and it is something so needed in our day and age. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights!

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