Back in Chicago

16 Feb

I had the blessed privilege to fly back to Chicago for a week to help with a delegation from South Korea. It was a needed time for me to take a break from the ‘normality’ of my job and a great opportunity to help serve the IBLP ministry that has blessed my heart and life in so many ways. And needless to say, it was a great way to be able to fellowship with my dear friends whom I’ve missed greatly! God is good. It was a tiring week but filled with many unforgettable moments – moments of laughter, moments of surprise, moments of encouragement, moments of blessings, and most of all moments where God’s presence was evident and His spirit was at work! I came back home refreshed and encouraged in the Lord and I’m so very thankful!

Dad and me waiting at the airport

A birthday dinner shared with two friends at the Grand Lux Cafe – I love this place!

Me, two Korean delegates, and Mr. John Stephens (one of the directors of the Intl’ dept)

The man to the right is the president of the Erom Company. Most of the delegates were a part of his staff either in business or ministry in South Korea and the United States. (the interpreter is to the left)

Yes, we ordered LOTS of Chicago-style deep dish pizza!! Yum, YUM! 🙂

At the Navy Pier

On the final evening of the delegation, the staff of IBLP hosted a special banquet in honor of all those who attended the conference sessions by Mr. Gothard.

Exceptional food, special music, and encouraging fellowship.

Mr. Gothard presented a certificate to each delegate in recognition of the completion of their training during the special conference.

The men sang a song for us in Korean

~ Special friends ~

And to make the trip even more special, I was able to meet up with my uncle from GA who was in Chicago on business! He took me out to dinner at the marvelous ‘Morton’s Steakhouse’ and then took my friends and I out for some pizza on my final day before heading home!


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