Helpful Resource in Memorization

12 Jan

Memorizing Scripture had always been a huge part of our life during our “growing up” years….especially the years of our homeschooling. Mom would often gather us kids together and we would pick portions or chapters of the Bible to memorize and then as a help we would put the Scripture to specific hand motions. As we got older and more creative, many times our practice sessions would turn out to be more than hysterical. For instance, when we were memorizing Romans 12 and reciting the verse about a living sacrifice…..Stephen (the “littlest” at the time) proved to be the example by stepping forward and dropping backwards having full faith in the other boys that they would catch him and lift him up. And yes, let’s just say there was a time of “oops”! 🙂

I’m grateful that my parents stressed  the importance of meditation and memorization. Even though, I may have forgotten certain verses and can’t recite them off the top of my head, I believe the special truths are hidden in my heart.

It can be a hard and difficult task to memorize Scripture – for some more than others. Our family found that by using used hand motions it helped us learn faster but another means of memorization can be through song. We came across a wonderful resource, first through the Revive Our Hearts program by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and then by finding the main website of Shepard Music Company, that provides an easy way to memorize the longest chapter in the Bible Psalm 119.  Susie Kimbrough has diligently put together a CD with beautiful melodies and vocalists singing Psalm 119 word for word from the King James Bible. There is also an accompanying songbook available as well. So if you are looking to start the new year off right by putting an emphasis on Scripture meditation, you may find this resource to be very beneficial!


2 Responses to “Helpful Resource in Memorization”

  1. Tori January 12, 2012 at 11:49 am #

    We used to memorize scripture by using actions too! It worked like a charm! We would do them in church and as we got older, we began to teach the kids in our Wednesday night program (especially the scripture about the full armor of God) and they LOVED it and caught on so quickly! They loved to do the actions (some kids REALLY would get into it! 🙂 ) My older sister is still using this by teaching some teen girls in her Sunday School class (one of whom cannot read) a couple of verses using actions and they love it too! It is an awesome and effective ministry tool!

    I love the resource you gave about singing to Scripture! That’s wonderful!

  2. April Oliva January 16, 2012 at 10:24 am #

    We did a lot of scripture memorizing while we were home schooled too!!!! It would be good to get into it again, now that I’m out of school!!!

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