20 Nov

Recently, it’s been a time of testing and waiting for my brother Stephen. For many years, he’s been working part-time with UPS along with his full-time job. He’s desired to become a full-time driver for many years but you see they don’t hire drivers until they turn 21. As he’s been a good employee and has kept his ‘foot in the door’…….he was given the opportunity to take the training to become onethe week he turned 21! This was really a miracle of God because training only takes place twice a year and from a human standpoint, there was no way he would be added to the list of trainees when his birthday was on Friday and the training began in Maryland the following Monday. But, by the grace of God, he was accepted, was trained, and excelled in his driving tests and written exams. We are all so happy for him and are praising the Lord!

To celebrate, a few of us went out for dinner to a local Hibachi restaurant. It was a new experience for me – and I’ve got to admit….it was pretty cool!

Isn't Robin looking fantastic with only about two weeks to go?!


"Open Wide"!!! We all had to try to catch the zucchini that came flying at us through the air!!

a "heart" of rice 🙂


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