Just another one….

16 Sep

It’s just another update! I feel like all I do now is give updates on life’s happenings. I haven’t had much of a reason to be taking pics – there haven’t been any momentous holidays or celebrations…..just normal life. Although, I’m not so sure normal life is how you would categorize the Smith household – haha! Life is always full of adventure and surprises.

~~~~Some exciting news is that we found out that it’ll be a baby boy we all will be welcoming into the family! Yes, that’s right – Thomas and Robin are expecting a son the beginning of December. Our precious sweetheart Anna Lynne will be a big sister to little Jeremy Thomas. Robin is in good health although often tired. Who can blame her?! She’s an excellent wife to her husband and runs around after Anna who can’t get enough of toddling around the house now that she’s walking.

~~~~ We are very grateful and praising the Lord that our house wasn’t destroyed in the recent flood our city has just suffered from. It was a very big scare and came unexpectedly! The last flood here that devastated hundreds of households was back in 1972 and the devastation was significant.  We received about 3 months worth of rain in 5 days which made the river rise to a height where it could very easily surpass the dike that protects our home. Because of the oncoming danger of flood waters, we were forced to evacuate our home and went to live with my brother Sam and his wife for a few days. We packed as much as we could of our most precious possessions but there was only so much we could do in a short amount of time. The river kept rising and the predictions were that it would be worse than ever expected. We waited anxiously and prayed. Thankfully, due to the authorities miscalculation of the height of the dike – we were spared by inches! Eventually, the levee began to leak profusely because of the strain and pressure of the water which brought another scare for us; but God was in control of that too! We returned home with grateful hearts but continue to pray for those who have lost everything. Many homes in our surrounding areas were completely destroyed. The devastation around us (including my grandparent’s home) is unfathomable. (The picture posted below shows remaining debris left on a bridge, near our home, after the flood waters had subsided.)

On a lighter note, my new job is going great! Of course, as with anything, there can always be some stress and pressure but overall it’s perfect for me! I keep busy doing everything and anything and continue to learn a lot concerning the financial world.

I feel it would be unjust of me not mention just how good God is. I was reminiscing the one day and realized that it’s been over one year since I walked off the plane and entered the city of Beijing China. So much has happened in my life since then. I will be honest and confess that being back home has brought circumstances that have tested me and tried me. But as Jesus leads me in His truth and in His way, my life continues to be strengthened by the trials and testings. I do struggle. I do have times when I just weep before His presence. Yet, there are those times when my heart is ready to burst with joy because of how good, wonderful, precious, and patient my Lord and Saviour is!

So until the next update or awesome celebration, may the Lord keep you close to His side and bless you in phenomenal ways! Enjoy the last few days of summer bliss and embrace with autumn season with a song in your heart! Warm apple cider, crunchy leaves, cozy fireplaces, and warm quilts await us! 🙂


One Response to “Just another one….”

  1. Robin September 21, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    I’m so thankful for you, Sara! Just want you to know that I rejoice with you in your blessings, and think about and pray for you often. Know that you are so very loved!!

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