Home Sweet Home

5 May

Well, the BIG day is right around the corner! We are all looking forward to this coming Saturday and are keeping busy with all the last minute preparations.

I am so very happy for my brother. I’m happy and thrilled that he is marrying a woman he loves and that I can call that dear girl a sweet friend of mine!

Without a doubt, Stephen will be sorely missed around our home. I’ll readily admit that I have a special connection with him as my youngest bro. After all, there is an 8 yr. difference between us so when he was born I was thrilled to have a “live” baby to take care of! Who needed a baby doll?! 😉

I’m going to miss all those little special moments of laughing and sharing and busting up on each other, our times of silence, our times of sheer fun and excitement, and just the camaraderie of having another sibling under the same roof. For a certainty, God moves us on and leads us down different paths in life at different times. So, as I look forward to seeing my brother become a married man in less than 48 hrs – my heart glorifies God for what He has brought about and my face cracks yet another smile realizing that my brother is happily in love and looking forward to a new and wonderful life with a faithful, caring gal by his side!

These are a few pics of the happy couple in their soon to be “home sweet home”:


One Response to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. April Olivia May 6, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    I LOVE THE PICTURES Sara!!!!! Only 16 more hours!!! See you tomorrow!!!!

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