2 Nov

Today marks a very special day! It’s a day of celebration! Why? Because I have a father who is celebrating his birthday. But let me just make one thing very clear, he isn’t just your typical dad. 🙂

My Dad has been a rock and support to our family. He’s been a guide and counselor. He’s given of himself to provide, encourage, and love his family. He is a man of God because he’s purposed in his heart to seek Jesus Christ first and foremost, purposed to know Him, purposed to follow Him, purposed to enjoy the fullness of Him as a friend, purposed to praise Him, and purposed to trust Him in the darkest of valleys or in the sunshine of the mountaintops.

Dad, I love you and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May this year be amazing in every way and may our Lord heap upon you blessing after blessing!


2 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

  1. cypress1948 November 2, 2010 at 8:04 pm #

    Both of you are highly blessed!!! Next to God, family is the most importent thing you have!! In fact, most religions and Christianity and the Jewish faith (of which Christianity came out of), in partiular is all about family and fellowship. God created humans to fellowship together with him and each other!!
    I really enjoy reading your posts!! Thanks!
    My friends are my family, Christian and otherwise ect. My earthly family all went to heaven with out me! I was told they are waiting for me there.
    On another note, We are still working on that Christian screenplay. Please pray for us about it. Thanks.

  2. Tricia November 2, 2010 at 9:09 pm #

    Oh Sara…What a beautiful tribute/post to Dad. All glory goes to the Lord…..but yes, he is “all” those things…and we are blessed! Dad had a wonderful birthday! We’ll talk soon! Love you! Mom

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