Back to Routine

7 Oct

Student home visits are over and it’s back to teaching today! What a week it has been – filled with many good times and special moments that I will remember for all my life. I hiked a mountain on one of the most beautiful days this week and saw China from new heights, had the privilege of going to some very fancy restaurants, visited the science museum, and even visited the outdoor Chinese Ethnic Museum. I’ll even probably remember the moments I would hope to forget – haha – like having to eat a fresh fish after having its head beaten or having to eat boiled shrimp when it’s presented on a plate with the eyeballs, long antennae, feet, and all or seeing people enjoy eating duck head and eyeballs. There are always interesting experiences that I find myself in while experiencing the culture of China. Living here has definitely stretched me beyond anything I’ve imagined and I’ve certainly stepped “out of the box” in many ways! 🙂

I’ve posted a slideshow as I’ve been having some trouble uploading pictures through wordpress. Just ‘X’ out of the advertisement and use the forward button if you would like to view the pictures faster.


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