Moon Festival Holiday

25 Sep

I enjoyed a three-day holiday this week. The Chinese were celebrating the Moon Festival so therefore the kids had three days off of school. This is not to say that they were vacation days. The students make up for their classes over the weekend – learning is of utmost importance here. 🙂

Anyway, I spent Thursday and Friday with a few of my students in the 6th grade. From hours spent shopping, eating, walking, driving, crab fishing, picture-taking, asking questions, to peanut picking and everything in between – it was awesome! The girls I spent time with are amazingly sweet and their moms and dads are so great to get to know.

The Moon Festival is a time for families to spend time with each other and their relatives. They eat dinner together, enjoy moon cakes, and watch for a full moon. If there is a full moon, the Chinese believe they’ll have good luck and a good harvest.

There are many varieties of moon cakes. I tried the fig and egg but it was “hands down” for the ice cream moon cake!

Thursday was spent with this dear girl, her mom, and grandpa! They were the sweetest!

Having lunch overlooking the lake and sitting on wicker chairs with big cushions was a treat!

Thursday evening I had dinner with another student and her family. We visited a restaurant that served lamb as their specialty and then had live entertainment. (It does seem like we “foreigners” do a lot of eating here. The Chinese are very gracious in the way they express hospitality! But at least it always proves to be a great time to get group shots! 🙂 )

An Evening Walk through the Olympic Park

Friday was spent visiting a greenhouse. Many of my students, their friends, and  parents took an all-day tour. The kids had a blast fishing, feeding the goats, picking vegetables, crab fishing, and peanut picking!

Crab Fishing was definitely a new experience! haha! But it was fun!

Lunch time!

Peanut Picking – this had to be my favorite activity!

A Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day: an elegant dinner with a student and her family. This restaurant served Argentine cuisine.

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