The Saga Continued….

28 Jun

Well last night was definitely an evening full of situations that I had never experienced before in my life. We were told that our flight would be taking off at 6:30 (after a series of delays and cancellations the entire day) and then at about the exact time we should have been boarding, they changed the departure time to 7:30. After just a few minutes, they sent us to another gate to hop on a different plane due to mechanical issues and a missing crew member. The whole group of anxious and wearied passengers made it to the gate and then were sorely discouraged and aggravated after hearing the announcement that the flight had been cancelled. This meant that we had to walk to the re-booking station to get yet another flight! I stood in line for about 3 hours just to talk to an agent. My feet were so sore!

I was re-scheduled for a flight leaving tonight at 7:50 pm. In the nicest way possible, I asked if there was a possibility that the agent could check to see if I could be compensated for a night of rest at a local hotel. At this point, I had already heard that there were no rooms available – due to the mass of cancellations that day. Well, God definitely went before me and there was one left! Was I relieved! I was given a hotel voucher, travel voucher, and meal voucher. As I was waiting a few more minutes for everything to get finalized, the agent asked to speak with me. There was a gal who really desired a place to stay the evening and the agent just asked if it would be a possibility for her to share a room with me as I would have two queen beds. At this point, they were passing out pillows and blankets to the remaining mass of travelers in line. It was a rather strange request to me but I felt so bad for this girl and thought that just perhaps this would be an opportunity for her to see the Lord of Christ demonstrated in a way should would have never anticipated. In my heart I wanted to ask a series of questions to her, just to check her out and be sure she was “safe” – haha – but knew I must just trust in God. He knew everything.

After talking and working everything out, I was re-booked again for an early flight this morning! So after everything was finalized, off Meagan and I went together – meeting each other for the first time. In my mind, I was certainly hoping that this wasn’t a huge mistake but I felt good about it and felt that it was something the Lord wanted me to do.

Sleep never seemed so sweet last night. We woke up early today to catch our flight and I must confess that I’ve never left a hotel at such a fast rate. I was rather impressed with myself! I was ready, checked out, and waiting for the cab in 15 minutes! The cab driver was the nicest man and we even rode back in luxury – a black lincoln. Haha!

Went thru security without a glitch and our flight was on time this morning. I had a great fear that my baggage would be lost after such pandemonium yesterday but it was there waiting for me! Hallelujah!

So as I look back at this experience, sitting in the airport waiting for my ride, I can now laugh. The day’s events were completely out of my control but God was so good and could be seen through it all. It just shows me again that our Lord cares about every situation in our lives – whether small or great! I’m happy that even in the midst of frustration and weariness, He gave me little tokens of good that just said “I’m with you, Sara. I care for you and I love you greatly!”

This experience has given me extra faith and confidence in God and I look forward to the Lord continuing to guide and direct my paths. Please keep me in prayer – I desperately need it as I am seeking the Lord concerning different avenues. I desire to hear His voice and follow His will not my own inclinations.

May the Lord bless you all! Soli Deo Gloria!


2 Responses to “The Saga Continued….”

  1. April Olivia June 28, 2010 at 10:32 pm #

    Oh Sara, I can’t belive you didn’t get a flight until this morning. It was wonderful that you were able to get a room for the night!! I will be praying for you as you get back into your schedule and also for Gods guidence for you!!

  2. D. Wilson(cypress1948) June 28, 2010 at 11:05 pm #

    Wow! what an expirence you had!! Glad you made it back How was that roommate you had?

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