An Emotional Funeral Pt. 2

18 May

Bring Your Isaac

We have to come to the point of realization that everything we have comes from the hand of God. It’s all God’s. We own nothing. We have nothing. We shouldn’t expect anything. We are his servants. Anything we are blessed with is lent to us for a time and a season. We certainly bring nothing into this world and it’s certain that we can take nothing out.

So what is it that you are holding on to? The ideal of marriage, the dream of romance? Have they become idols in your life? What is it that is held close to your heart and you never want to let go of? What is it that you constantly desire but are afraid to surrender?

Years of waiting for that special someone to waltz into your life seem to be getting harder as your desires grow, your emotions become exasperated, and your body ages. Will he ever come, you wonder? Will you ever be able to fully love and share your life with a man and begin a family. You wonder if you’ll ever know what it feels like to feel safe in his strong arms and wake up next to him knowing that he would give the world for you.

Many single women find themselves in this predicament. They lose heart because hope deferred makes the heart sick (Prov. 13:12). They think love and marriage will be the answer to life’s problems. They think that it will bring security, purpose, and fulfillment. They think it will finally make them happy. They think it will bring purpose to their lives.

The sad part is that by having this mind-set they’re setting themselves up for disappointment, hurt, and shattered dreams. They are making an idol out of marriage. Marriage when given in God’s timing and blessed by Him is a good thing but when we go looking for it, we’ll look in all the wrong places. When we go looking for love and fulfillment and purpose from others, we’ll be sorely let down. When we go looking for happiness, we’ll only find emptiness.

We must take our Isaac – whether that be our desire for marriage, our need for love, our desire for acceptance, our fear of the unknown – and be willing to take the trek to Moriah and offer it there before God. It’s not good enough to just bind it to the altar but we must be willing to take up the knife and slay it. This reflects a heart saying “God I give it to you and leave it under your control. I expect nothing in return. I will trust you and thank you despite what the outcome may be.”

As we surrender our passions, desires, and needs to the Lord, we realize that we deserve nothing. We acknowledge that all comes from the hand of the Lord. So if and when God chooses to bless us with our heart’s desires, we will be awed because we didn’t even expect it in the first place. It will be a true miracle, a good and perfect gift from God!

The Beloved of our soul desires to know and see that He is our number one priority. He desires for our hearts to be consumed in Him and looking to Him alone. He is the meeter of every need, He is the provider of every comfort and joy, He is the giver of all good gifts, and He is the All-Wise One.

We may not be able to understand or comprehend the ways of God. We may not be able to fully see the big picture as we look at our lives. But we can choose to believe that God will provide a lamb just like he did for Abraham. The ‘lamb’ may not be the man of our dreams but it will be a better and greater thing! God takes our sacrifices and allows them to be used for His glory, our success, and other’s edification. Our Lord and Saviour will work all things out for His glory. We can rest in that!

His Way is Best

As I sat at my desk with feelings churning inside my heart, I knew what God would have me do. I knew I had to believe that God knew what was best for me. Everything happens for a reason. He had a specific plan in all of it. I determined that I would just trust the Lord to provide the transportation that I needed and firmly believe that He would take care of me. I knew He loved me and I knew He wasn’t trying to make me miserable! I knew I must rejoice.

As I surrendered it to the Lord, my feelings of frustration vanished. The joy that was creeping away so quickly came back and I was able to rest in my heart and have no cause for anxiety.

It was a test from God and it was another realization that God was in control. It was another manifestation of His care for me. God wouldn’t send us through tests and trials if he didn’t love us so much and desire so much of our hearts.

…to be continued


2 Responses to “An Emotional Funeral Pt. 2”

  1. cypress1948 May 20, 2010 at 1:42 am #

    This one is also great!! Turning Point Min. with Dr David Jeramia has a very good teaching out on Job this week that seems to fit with what you are teaching on. Giving up dreams can be hard. However, Does not God want us to hold on to our dreams? We must have Faith!! It is immposible to please him without it!! Of course this is easy for me to say and much harder to do!! Keep up the good work!! I will try to write that screenplay and ask thr Lord to direct us in it!

  2. A Heart of Praise May 20, 2010 at 8:12 pm #

    Excellent article Sara. God’s way is always best, and waiting for His perfect timing in all things always brings blessings. It’s so true that all things belong to Him, we deserve nothing. Yet, God is so good and gracious. What a truly wonderful Lord and Savior we serve!

    I have enjoyed visiting your blog again, it’s been awhile.:) I’m now a married lady:), and my husband and I are expecting our first baby in Aug.:). God has been so good to us!

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