An Emotional Funeral Pt. 1

17 May

Just as I finished writing a book that I had been working on, God impressed upon my heart the need to write one more chapter. As I was thinking over the context of the message that I wanted to come through each and every page, my heart was drawn to a fundamental truth that young and old, married and single, man and woman need to lay ahold of.

The impression was laid on my heart while talking to my mother over the phone. We were discussing my visions for the book and the different messages each chapter conveys. We both agreed that nothing will allow us to attain God’s purpose if we’re not willing to be surrendered in every area of our lives. The next morning after our discussion, I was sitting in a meeting and listening to the importance of surrender for over a half an hour. I realized that God was telling me something! He wanted this truth of surrender to be stressed and proclaimed. Perhaps, if it isn’t stressed the rest of this book will have no affect on our lives. Perhaps if this truth isn’t the foundation for the message, you will be left a heart that still yearns to find fulfillment and restoration.

A Personal Example

If God hadn’t stressed it clearly enough in my mind, that afternoon I was tested on the issue of surrender. The Lord had given me a gift (a sort of privilege) for the past couple of months and I was so thankful. When I first left my home to come to Illinois, I hadn’t brought my vehicle. Since I fly back and forth from home and am very close to my office, it was best to leave the vehicle there. I managed to get around via walking or getting a ride with friends. Well, I became a driver for the ministry not too long after my arrival and because of this I was able to have a vehicle to use at my own convenience. I was thrilled. I was able to run errands, help others, and just know that I wasn’t ‘stuck’ in times of emergency. Having a vehicle made life a lot easier, more enjoyable, and was just a perfect blessing. I knew everyday that I didn’t deserve it and I purposed to be sure that I never took it for granted. Well like I said, God decided I needed to be tested.

That afternoon, I was asked to hand over my keys as the vehicle I was using needed to be used for other purposes. The worst part was the fact that there wasn’t another one to use instead. Each one was either out of commission, in service, or being used by others.

In my heart, I wanted to get upset. I knew that God knew I had become dependent on a vehicle. He knew it helped me and allowed me to help others as well. Why would he take it away? I felt my mood change and I started to become very discouraged.

And then I thought, “Sara, this your moment to surrender”.

A Covenant with God

I thought of the story of Abraham. God had finally blessed Abraham with the desire of his heart! He gave him a son. It was a miracle! I’m sure this little bundle of joy filled his parents’ hearts with laughter and singing. It was significant that God chose for his name to be Isaac. Isaac means ‘he laughs’ (according to Strong’s Concordance). God knew he would bring a whole new perspective and joy in living to Abraham and Sarah.

Isaac entered the world seeing the wrinkled, worn faces of his parents for they were both respectively one hundred and ninety years old. Perhaps his parents were stunned and in utter amazement that after all these years of waiting and even after giving their own carnal plan a try, God had given them a good and perfect gift. Glory belonged to God alone.

This was a little life from their own flesh and blood. They loved him, nurtured him, cared for him, trained him, blessed him. They had ideals, hopes, and dreams for this little miracle. After all, God had promised that he would make Sarah a mother of nations through Isaac. God had established a covenant with this couple. It was a covenant that would make them fruitful and prosperous.

A few chapters later, we see the story completely change. God appears to Abraham again and charges him to take his only son to the land of Moriah, a place specifically chosen by Jehovah, and offer him there as a burnt sacrifice.

For a moment, put yourself in Abraham’s shoes. First off, he had been promised by God that even in his old age he would be given a son. Secondly, from this son would come nations and kings. What was God thinking now?! Why would God take away that for which he had so longed for and now loved with all his heart? How could he kill his own flesh and blood? How would he explain this to his wife? I’m sure he had many thoughts racing through his head. He could have easily been overpowered by his emotions. He could have fled from the presence of God. He could have chosen to rebel. He could have stomped his feet and cried out in vengeance. But what did Abraham do?

Abraham rose early in the morning, gathered the materials, took his son, and began the trek to Moriah to sacrifice his son. This was in complete obedience to God’s instruction. He didn’t know the end of the story. He didn’t realize that God would take him up to the point of raising the knife to slay his beloved dear son before God’s angel would restrain him. All he could see was his son laying bound on the altar on top of the wood looking up at him. All he could feel was anguish and pain as tears flooded his eyes.

We know the rest of the story. God had already prepared a lamb for the sacrifice. This whole process was a test for Abraham. Jehovah praised him for the fear of God that resided in his heart and that governed his life. Abraham saw this as a moment that God sees his every need and feels his every pain. He named the place Jehovah-jireh.

…to be continued


One Response to “An Emotional Funeral Pt. 1”

  1. cypress1948 May 17, 2010 at 11:24 pm #

    Fantastic post!!!! Thatks for posting it!! I myself, have a long way to go. I still seek the ord though.

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