Romanian Delegation

11 Oct

The Romanian delegation has left. We took them to the O’Hare airport Wednesday evening and said our goodbyes. It’s amazing to realize that in just a short amount of time, God can knit hearts together and our lives can be impacted by others in such an amazing way!

It was a wonderful blessing to have them here and it was spectacular to see how they want to incorporate Biblical principles into their different fields of medicine. They had many hours of teaching with Mr. Gothard, a visit to downtown Chicago, shopping trips, a banquet at HeadQuarters, and an in-depth tour of the local Hinsdale hospital that included visiting the OR. (Some of us girls were really hoping to don the scrubs and see the OR for ourselves too – but unfortunately there were too many of us.)

All in all, it was a fantastic week.


The Romanians along with Judge Doyle and his wife.






Presentation of the certificates


Waiting at the Hinsdale Hospital. Here are the two directors of our International Dept.




One Response to “Romanian Delegation”

  1. Susana Novillo November 25, 2009 at 8:06 pm #

    Thanks for publishing the mesage from psalm 56.
    It was a tremendous blessing for me because I can remind myself that My God is with me in this time of tribulation so that I can let him work for good everything that it is hapenning in my life

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