July’s Journey to the Heart

25 Jul

This is just a quick update of what’s going to be happening here over the course of the week.

We have another girl’s Journey coming through this weekend. It will be the biggest Journey yet in the history of IBLP! There will be about 80 girls coming for this trip with about 7 different leaders. I was asked to lead a group of 11 girls – ranging in age from 13 to 19. The girls will be arriving throughout the day on Saturday; Sunday will be occupied with church and additional training in the afternoon; and then Monday, we will be on the road heading to Michigan.

I am delighted and feel that it is a great honor to be able to go to the Northwoods with these girls and seek after the Lord with all our hearts. Please pray for us if the Lord brings us to your mind. Some girls are coming with hearts that desire to be completely surrendered to the Lord while others are working through difficult issues and conflicts. We, as leaders, need great wisdom and understanding, a heart that is sensitive and full of compassion, an ability to love like Jesus would, and a great deal of energy and grace! We are incomplete aside from Christ but it is a wonderful assurance to know that we are complete in him and can do all things through Him and for Him!

Needless to say, I won’t be blogging much as I will be away; but you can be sure that I will have lots of pictures to share when I’m settled back in Chicago! Soli Deo Gloria!


One Response to “July’s Journey to the Heart”

  1. Jennifer Lavin July 25, 2009 at 9:35 am #

    Hi Sarah! You will be in our thoughts and prayers for the Journey! We are so excited about the large number of girls coming. Can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful things God will do!
    Love and Prayers,
    Jennifer and Jaimee

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