My Dad

21 Jun

DSC_0107Today came and went. It was busy and full yet one of the highlights was being able to talk to my dad for a short time this afternoon.

My heart is sad that I can’t be with him to honor him in person on this 2009  Father’s Day. However, even though the distance and miles are between us, my life is still blessed in an amazing way by his example to me.

My Dad has always been strong – whether physically or spiritually. He’s always had broad shoulders! 🙂  Whether if I was little and came to him when I fell off my bike and had a bruise on my knee, he would be the one to comfort me and get out that nasty stinging peroxide! 🙂  When I became a teenager and struggled with fears and doubts about the future, he would have just the right verse to share from the Word of God and the right insight to help me look to my Saviour. When I entered new phases in my life and experienced heart-break, he would sympathize with me and let me cry on his shoulder. My dad was always there for me. Yes, he was a busy man working full time at the work place (sometimes putting in long hours) and being a full-time pastor as well but he would make his family a priority. 

When he felt like we needed some “us” time to catch up because life had gotten hectic – he would make the time to take me out for breakfast or for an ice cream or a motorcycle ride! It was just a time to be together and share a special bonding. Sometimes it would be before he went to work, other times it would mean waking me up at 2AM and having a special time in the twilight of the morning! 

Most of all though, my life has been blessed by my dad’s example. My dad has a deep, thriving, passionate love for the Lord and greatly enjoys being in His presence reading the Word and praying. I’ve learned a lot by his example. He’s showed me what it is to trust in the Lord even when it seems like life is falling apart. He’s showed me what it is to stand for what’s right when everyone else around is taking the “easy, more traveled” road. He’s showed me what it is to love the Lord with an ardent desire. He’s proved to me that my Saviour’s love is unconditional just by his love for me as his daughter!

So dad, it may seem very small but I what I really want to say is: I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU! You are the greatest father that I could have ever dreamed of and I am honored to be your daughter! It’s a privilege to be yours!





One Response to “My Dad”

  1. !April Olivia! June 23, 2009 at 10:17 am #

    Sara, what a beautiful post. What a wonderful way to bless your dad. It is wonderful having fathers that are so strong, loving, godfearing and compassionate!

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