Working, Learning, and California

17 Jun

I feel so badly that I have not been posting lately! The days just seem to fly by and so much work (and fun! 🙂 )  is crammed into each day!

I’m completely rested and settled back in from my time in Nashville and then my visit home. It was such a blessing to go home and rest and fellowship with my family and friends. The most wonderful thing was that my heart was encouraged and inspired in the Lord. The Lord impressed upon my heart the need to continually pursue after Him to know Him intimately. Just because I am surrounded in a godly atmosphere, enjoy godly friendships, and hear Biblical teaching day in and day out – that is not enough! That is not what’s going to keep my heart tender towards the Lord. I may learn new truths that I can apply to my heart and life to help me walk a more pleasing, obedient life before the Lord but I need to seek Him personally to know Him in more deeper vibrant ways.

The Christian walk is a personal walk with Jesus Christ. We can’t hang on the skirt-tails of those around us and expect our lives to feel fulfilled and satisfied. I must be determined to continually seek out private time for my Lord and Saviour and be surrendered to listening to His still small voice. He ought to be the Passion of my soul. I cannot rely on others to further my walk with Christ – it is a personal relationship between me and my Lord. 

I desire to fulfill God’s purpose for my life and the only thing that is going to allow me to hit the mark is walking in oneness with my Lord and Saviour, obeying Him, and serving Him with love in my heart. I trust that He will continue to give me the grace to pant after Him as a deer pants after the water. I want to be a hungry, thirsty soul that can be filled alone with the Living Water and as a result touch the lives of those around me!

On a lighter note, I’m very excited to be heading to Sacramento, CA!! Yay! The next regional conference will be held there towards the end of June into the beginning of July. A group of us will be traveling there over the course of two days! I thought driving to Big Sandy was far – haha! 🙂  I’m very excited and anticipate seeing another side of the United States that I’ve never seen before! It’s wonderful to see this as another desire I’ve had in my heart and the Lord has given! It’s just another evidence of His goodness and overwhelming kindness to me! I just cannot wait for the trip!

Well, that’s it my friends! God bless you all!


3 Responses to “Working, Learning, and California”

  1. Laura Testa June 18, 2009 at 3:48 pm #

    Am I understanding correctly that you’re driving to Sacramento? Wow…I’ve always thought it would be fun to drive cross-country as long as you had plenty of time to stop and enjoy all the sights. Ha, would prob take me like 2 months!

  2. !April Olivia! June 18, 2009 at 6:07 pm #

    Sara what a wonderful post. It is a blessing being able to read what you write and it is such an encouragement to me! The 3rd paragraph really spoke to me!
    I liked your comment Laura, and I can say I just had the wonderful experience of traveling across the country with my parents and 2 siblings. We were gone from May 1-26,2009!! from Pa to Ca, all the way back and everywhere in between 🙂 🙂 well almost!
    We saw many of Gods wonderful creations including Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. You come to appretiate and love God’s creation much more than you think ever possible in places like those!

  3. Amber Rogers June 29, 2009 at 9:10 pm #

    How wonderful Sara, for you to be experiencing all this wonderful traveling. I have been to all but four of the continental US states, and learned so much from those trips. Grace asks after you often. I’ll have to fill her in on your plans. God bless.

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