Heeding God’s Calling

18 Feb

Every morning after breakfast, we start the day here at IBLP with a staff meeting. During this time, we are encouraged with a time of teaching from the Word of God, a time of prayer, and then a time of singing. It has refreshed my heart to hear so many spiritual truths and to gain deeper insight from the Scriptures.

A few days ago, Mr. Gothard gave me some further understanding of how to follow a calling from God. I wanted to share it with you all as you may find it to be a  help in your life too.

  1. You must confirm that the calling is of God. (There will be failures along the way as you seek to serve and obey the Lord, but the ultimate purpose and vision of the calling will not be lost.)
  2. Be a cleansed vessel that God can use. (God is a Holy God and requires a holy, set-apart people. We must prove that which is acceptable and good in His sight and follow the Biblical mandate.)
  3. Depend on God’s resources alone, and not your own. (Rely on the grace, strength, and power of God. All things are possible through Him and it is only by His grace and mercy alone that we can accomplish His best.)
  4. Expect a death to your vision. (This is often the most difficult thing to endure as you are striving to fulfill God’s calling in your life. Be encouraged. Take a deeper look into Abraham’s life. He was promised that his children would be great in multitude, as the stars in the sky! However, Sarah was barren and old – yet, did that stop God? No! Take a deeper look into Joseph’s life. He was given a vision that he would rule over his kindred. However, he was despised by his brothers, sold as a slave, and put into prison. Yet, that didn’t stop God from fulfilling all that He had in store for Joseph! Sometimes, you will even experience a double-death to your vision. A “second death” can be so discouraging but take hope and purpose to see the Lord work through it all. After this, God will fulfill the vision He has given you in supernatural ways! Believe to see the goodness of the Lord!)
  5. Include other believers in your vision. (God often works in groups. Jesus worked and ministered with his disciples, Paul worked with his team, and even Gideon worked with 300 men.)
  6. Maintain God’s guarantee of success. (How do we do this? By meditating on His Word day and night that it might be engrafted into our hearts.)
  7. Determine how the work will glorify God. (How will this bring honor and glory to the Lord? How will this advance His kingdom on the earth? )

I hope this is an encouragement to some of you who may be wondering the same thing I was! 🙂  I have a desire, as I’m sure you do, to be all that the Lord requires and desires of me and to fulfill His every purpose. It is wonderful to be in His service and so very rewarding to have His Spirit rest upon us from day to day as we seek to serve Him with ALL our hearts!


2 Responses to “Heeding God’s Calling”

  1. Lois Pierpont February 18, 2009 at 5:22 pm #

    This is good stuff, I also loved looking at the photos at the banquet.
    I’m glad you are doing so well.

  2. Jennifer February 18, 2009 at 5:58 pm #

    Sara, this has been such a blessing to me! It is so easy to think that God really didn’t say what we thought he did, or maybe he changed his mind! Sometimes it’s hard just hearing what God is telling us to do. I am always encouraged when I hear of Abraham and Sarah’s story. Thank you for reminding me!

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