A Living Sacrifice

7 Feb


Yesterday morning I was reading Romans for my devotions. I came to chapter 12 verse 1 and even though I’ve read that verse many times and have even memorized it – the Lord used it to impress my heart.

“A living sacrifice”. Notice that the sacrifice is not already dead and lifeless but alive and breathing – full of nerves, thoughts, fear, emotions, maybe even hesitations. The sacrifice is fully aware of what is going on, yet lays there and waits. 

In the Christian life, what a hard thing it is to climb up that altar, in willingness, knowing full well what awaits us. As we lay ourselves down and let go of everything we hold dear (and perhaps even that which we fear), we are demonstrating our surrender to the Lord: our will, hopes, dreams, future, even our present condition, absolutely everything to God. 

To become a sacrifice means that death awaits us. There will be pain, heartache, tears. Yet, we are reminded that this our reasonable service. It only makes sense to count everything but loss and to die to everything around us so that we may win Christ and know Him more intimately. Our flesh has to be put to death so that His spirit can live and thrive within us. He can use us more efficiently when we are dead to the world around us and our own interests and alive unto Him alone. He then will be able to quicken us and fill us with His life and breath. We will have the power of Christ to live in newness of life, seeking those things which are above.

This is not only our reasonable service but is acceptable and pleasing to our Master. A heart that is fully surrendered to Him and one that is loving Him whole-heartedly brings Him pleasure. This is why we were created – to bring honor and glory to our Lord! By obeying Him and doing that which is acceptable in His sight is our privilege, my dear readers. Becoming a living sacrifice shouldn’t be something that we dread but should be an honor. To be poured out for His service that He may use us is rewarding beyond all we could ever imagine.

May we be eager to climb up that altar today and lay ourselves down before God, presenting our everything! Give Him your ALL in full surrender to Him! He then will have the opportunity to use us in such a way that will bring Him the most honor and glory! Hallelujah! 


2 Responses to “A Living Sacrifice”

  1. Abby February 8, 2009 at 5:39 pm #

    Thank you very much for sharing that, Sara…that’s something that’s been impressed upon my heart lately, about surrendering the desires of my flesh to giving my whole self to Christ…thank you for sharing: )

  2. Stephanie February 8, 2009 at 10:38 pm #

    Amen to all your thoughts here! Exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Thanks for encouraging my heart.

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