#2 Update on Thomas

2 Oct

This past Sunday, we received our first phone call from our severely missed Thomas! We are praising the Lord that his sickness has subsided and he is doing much better in PT.
Just from the sound of his crackling voice, we could sense that he is homesick. He loves keeping up to date with family and friends by receiving letters and e-mails. They’re a comfort to his heart.
We are continuing to pray that Thomas will feel strengthened and comforted during this time of basic training. A few days ago, they hiked for 6 hours covering about 20 miles. As a result, he has blisters on his feet that are giving him much pain. He has to be sure he drinks plenty of fluids as to keep from becoming dehydrated. Apparently, two squad members have suffered from dehydration – one young man passed out and another had to be life-flighted out of the area.
Thomas, however, is keeping himself encouraged and pressing on through God’s power and might!
We miss him so much but are thankful that he is doing well and is safe in God’s care.

One Response to “#2 Update on Thomas”

  1. Anonymous October 15, 2007 at 9:13 am #

    We are praying much day and night for Thomas and the other members of Alert Unit #38. It is our prayer that God would do a mighty work in their lives and they would come back changed men ready and able to serve Him more fully! Blessings on you and your family Sara! I just love your blog!
    Lisa Winston

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