A Few Godly Examples:

18 Sep

As always, we are given many examples in the Bible of those who waited on the Lord for their redemption, healing, provision, etc. Let’s look at a few:
Remember the impotent man? John 5:3 gives us a backdrop of what was happening. “In these (meaning porches) lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water.” This man was one of these impotent folk. He endured his infirmity for thirty eight years. He could never get to the pool in time when the angel came down and troubled the water. He was always too late, if he was even able to make it to the water. Could he not have continually complained and thought it unjust of God that others were healed and not him? Why didn’t anyone else try to get him to the waters….didn’t anyone care for him? Could not have God seen him and taken pity on him and healed him sometime during those 38 years? Of course, but you see, we don’t know the Lord’s purposes for our lives. We only see what is right before us. Little did this impotent man know that Jesus Himself would come by and take notice of him and heal him. The Lord picked him out of the multitude who were laying on the porches. This man wasn’t overcome with bitterness of spirit; but rather, he had the faith to trust that what the Lord spoke would surely come to pass. “Rise, take up thy bed, and walk”, Jesus said. He obeyed instantly after 38 years of waiting. His faithfulness brought him healing of body as well as healing of spirit.
Job is a man of the Bible who is known for being perfect, upright, and one who eschewed evil. As we all know, God allowed him to suffer immense pain and sorrow through various trials – he lost his sons and daughters; he lost his sheep, oxen, and servants; he suffered the pain of boils covering his entire body. He felt forsaken. Yet, not once did He blaspheme God. He grieved, yet he worshipped the Lord and blessed him for all that he had done. He realized his unworthiness before God and knew that it was the Lord who gave and could take away. He waited on the Lord, looking to Him, even when his wife and friends beckoned him to do otherwise. He held on, he kept looking to Jesus, and (very importantly) he prayed for his friends. What was the outcome? Forty-one chapters later we read that the Lord turned his captivity when he prayed for his friends and the Lord blessed his latter end more than the beginning. This is a lesson we can take to heart. When life around us seems to be falling apart, or we are growing discouraged or discontented….we ought to take our eyes off of ourselves and our circumstances and start praying for our friends and ask the Lord to bless them. This will help us to have a selfless, humble heart that is seeking the good of others and seeking to bless God.
Elijah waited on the word of the Lord. In 1 Kings 17, we read the story of the drought during King Ahab’s reign. The Lord spoke to Elijah and told him to go and hide himself by the brook Cherith, for that is where the Lord would take care of him. Elijah drank from the brook and the Lord sent ravens to feed him. He abode there until the brook dried up and until he heard from the Lord again and received direction. He could have easily made excuses; he could have easily become discontented being fed by the ravens (after all, couldn’t he have deserved something better? He was a great prophet of the Lord.); he could have easily become tired of waiting and hiding. He knew God could take care of him in a powerful way and keep him from being found. Yet, he abode there and obeyed the Word of the Lord and ultimately God saved him, took care of him, moved him on when it was His time, and used him mightily. He received his direction from the Lord and was quick to obey. He recognized that God knew best and he wanted to obey and trust the Lord.

Saul from Tarsus experienced a super-natural vision from God on the road to Damascus. The Lord desired and called Saul to be set apart in service to Him. Saul was astonished and trembled. The Lord gave the command to go to the city and basically wait until he was given the next step. Saul arose, now blinded by scales on his eyes, went into the city and waited for three days until a disciple by the name of Ananias came to his rescue. You see, while Saul was waiting, God was working in the life of Ananias and gave him instruction to go and visit Saul. He anointed Saul’s eyes, healed him, and imparted to Him the Lord’s calling for his life. Remember, Saul was a powerful, very influential man; people feared him – he was persecuting the church of God. He could have easily taken matters into his own hands – he could have grown weary of waiting and left the house and went in search of a doctor. If this would have happened, he could have perhaps suffered the loss of his eyesight for the rest of his life and missed out on God’s ultimate purpose and His best gift – a new heart. However, when the Lord spoke, Saul listened, obeyed, and waited. He came to be one of the Lord’s most devoted followers who had a great impact on the church of Christ.
We, God’s children, are waiting. We are looking and waiting for His return: when He will come to gather His bride and call her home. We are waiting for the Lord to descend; we are waiting for the voice of the archangel; we are waiting to hear the trump of God! We ought to be waiting in great anticipation and delight! But yet, we must be patient at the same time. We are trusting in the Lord as He knows the precise moment of His return and when it is best. And while we wait, we ought to be devoted to His service, performing His will, listening to His voice, and seeking to bless and minister to others. Our waiting may endure for a time, but soon, the lasting reward of being in His presence will be here for eternity.In Closing:
We must encourage ourselves in the Lord to patiently learn what it is to wait on:
God’s purpose, (this is what He desires for us and our lives)
His timing, (when He wants to accomplish certain things through us and for us)
Personal desires, (what we want and what we desire)
and personal calling (what we may look forward to, the direction that God leads us in).
So next time, when we want something right away – next time, when it seems like forever until God’s purpose is reveale – next time, when we want to take matters into our own hands, may we remember these principles of waiting and the immense blessings that come from waiting on our Lord.
Our God is so great and mighty, we cannot even begin to comprehend His purposes and reasons behind all He does; but I do know that we are the safest in His care, abiding in His love, and waiting for His purposes and direction to be fulfilled in every avenue of our Christian walk. There will be hard times, yet during these times we need not fear. “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me”. He’s with us all the time. We walk by faith not by sight; so let us place our hand in His and have Him lead us and direct our steps so that we don’t stumble and fall by our own mistakes and fleshly decisions. May He be the One to hide us under the shadow of His wings – safe from all harm, protected, and cared for.
Let us not grow weary in well-doing. Jesus knows what is best and when it is best. Let’s encourage each other to keep pressing onward and looking to Jesus. Always remember, He is All that we need!

2 Responses to “A Few Godly Examples:”

  1. Lauren Christine September 22, 2007 at 3:32 am #

    A very encouraging post 🙂

  2. Elizabeth October 3, 2007 at 12:17 am #

    This was a true blessing to me…thanks!

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