Incomprehensible Love

26 Aug

Have you come to truly realize, believe, and embrace the fact the God loves you as much as He loves His very own begotten Son? The love He has for Jesus Christ is the same exact love which he feels for us and bestows on us. Nothing can ever take that away and nothing can ever diminish that love. Just think about that.
What thrills His heart? You and Me. His delight is in His very own children. We must never forget this or doubt it. His love is incomprehensible, without measure, without end. Praise and Glory be to our God who cares for His beloved bride like no other ever could or ever will.

“Dear Lord, thank you for your abiding love. Help me to never
forget or doubt how much you truly love me. May you continue to consume me in your love that is everlasting and true. May your love flow in and through me and may it be felt by those around me. Each word I speak, each thought I think, each feeling I feel, each action I complete – may all be covered and demonstrated in your love and bring you glory and honour. I love you and thank you for loving me.”

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