In Honor of my Mother

21 Aug

Today we celebrate the birthday of a beautiful and influential woman: my Mother, Tricia Smith.

I cannot even begin to express the blessings that I have received by holding the title of being the daughter of my precious mother. The Lord, in His infinite mercy and overwhelming kindness, saw fit to bless our family with a woman whose price is far above rubies, whose character far outstands the requirements of a virtuous woman, and whose self-sacrifice greatly surpasses that of any one I know.
My mother has known the Lord as her Saviour for a multitude of years and has been married to her own true love for 26 years. As I have grown under her care, I have come to see what a magnificent and wonderful person she truly is. Each day she grows sweeter and sweeter to me and I thank the Lord for giving me a wonderful role model to look up to.
My mother has a love for the Lord that shines through her being. Her times alone with her Saviour in prayer and in His Word are such an encouragement to my heart. She seeks to please Him in all she says and does and seeks to impart that same desire to her children as well. She continually pursues after higher ground, desires more of Christ, and seeks to “know Him” with all that is within her.
She never tires of being a wife who esteems her husband, encourages him in the ways of the Lord, meets his every need and desire, and honors him with all her heart. She lives her life as the “hidden woman” – behind the scenes, making her husband known in the gates. Her example amazes and inspires me!

She is a mother that has laid down her life, her desires, her ambitions, and her dreams to train her children in the admonition of the Lord. She has loved, cared, guided, disciplined, and taught her children with compassion and concern. She has inspired us by her testimony to seek heavenly things. She has sought to delight us and fill our lives with a joy that truly comes from above.
My mother has been a dear and treasured friend, a true kindred spirit, especially to me. I am blessed to share my heart with her and see such wisdom, grace, and understanding radiate from her spirit and exude from her being. I have seen as she listens to, directs, encourages, cares, and praises the good of others. She continually seeks out ways to please those around her and does all she can to bless them.
I thank and praise the Lord for my mother not for what she does but for who she is and what she means to me. I trust and pray that the Lord will open the gates of heaven and flood her with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus today and every day. I know, just by observing her life day in and day out, that she has brought much honour and glory to her Saviour and has not only touched my life and my family’s but has touched the lives of so many friends and brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

I love you, Mom and wish you a very Happy Birthday!

One Response to “In Honor of my Mother”

  1. Stinnett Family August 21, 2007 at 4:30 pm #

    Happy, happy birthday, Mrs. Smith!!!! We hope you have a lovely day!

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