In the Valley

17 Aug
  • Do you need a spiritual drink of refreshment?
  • Do you need a boost of encouragement?
  • Do you need a word of hope?
  • Do you need to be uplifted?

Times of weariness come. God allows valleys and mountaintops in one’s life. Awhile back, I asked a missionary why it is that I sometimes feel like I’m in the valley. I so desired more of Christ, but yet, all I could do was put one foot in front of the other. My quiet time lacked the spark that was once there. My zeal and passion had fizzled out a little. Why? Was it my fault? This dear man encouraged me to take heart. If this valley is experienced, without sin abiding in one’s life, then it is given so that we might rely on Christ more fully and then come out appreciating the mountaintop so much more. If we lived on the mountaintop continuously, we would never come to fully appreciate it and thank the Lord for it.

Valleys are not sweet, blissful times but they are used in our lives to help us cast all aside and cling to Jesus. They help us to be better prepared to help those around us in their time of struggle. They help us grow stronger in the grace that is given to us.

Amy Carmichael knew what it was to find refreshment in her Lord. She had the faith to believe that her precious Saviour would lead her on. This is a poem she wrote based on Matthew 11:28, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”


Heart that is weary because of the way,
Facing the wind and the sting of the spray,
Come unto Me, and I will refresh you.

Heart that has tasted of travail and toil,
Burdened for souls whom the foe would despoil,
Come unto Me, and I will refresh you.

Heart that is frozen – a handful of snow,
Heart that is faded – a sky without glow,
Come unto Me, and I will refresh you.

Heart that is weary, O come unto Me.
Fear not, whatever the trouble may be;
Come unto Me, and I will refresh you.

A place of rest is found under the shadow of His wings; a place of rest is found sitting at His feet; a place of rest is found wrapped in His arms of strength; a place of rest is found under His banner of love.

Our Saviour’s drink is the water of life: it is everlasting and revives and energizes for the road ahead. His boost of encouragement is the tokens for good He bestows on His children whom He loves. His word of hope is found in His Word, our sure Foundation that sheds light on our path. His ability to uplift is found as we wait on Him and mount up with wings as eagles, soaring above our cares and burdens as they are left at the foot of the cross.

God be praised for these times. Wait on Him and look forward to the next mountaintop you’ll climb with great anticipation in your heart. At the top, you’ll feel the warmth of His sun shining upon your face swelling your heart with gladness, you’ll feel the breeze of His love whisper in your ear, you’ll skip down the path with a song in your heart; you’ll see a whole new view of God and His purposes for your life. Take His hand and allow Him to lead you onward through the darkness of the valley and on to higher heights!


One Response to “In the Valley”

  1. Robin August 20, 2007 at 1:58 pm #

    Sara, this reminds me of something I was thinking about just recently. Of course we would all love to leap from mountain top to mountain top. But the reality is that in order to ascend the next mountain on our journey, we must cross through the valley first. It’s not pleasant, and it’s hard work that requires, as you said, just placing one foot in front of the other. But it’s a necessary part of our travels on this earth. And, also as you said, then when we reach our next mountain top experience, we can more fully appreciate it, and rejoice that we have reached higher ground in our walk with the Lord! Thank you for sharing this and Amy Carmichael’s poem…it really spoke to me. 🙂 Love you, Robin

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